Category Placement

Category Placement


The Nevada South Interscholastic Cycling League encourages Student Athletes to be placed in a category that helps them compete in an environment that advances them in the sport of bicycle racing. On occasion Coaches, Parents, and/or Student Athletes will have a desire to change the category they are automatically placed in based on the Athletes grade or skill level. These changes may come in the form of either upgrading or downgrading in a category.

If you would like to petition to a different category, please contact your Team Director/Head Coach to discuss your desire to have your Student Athlete placed differently. Be prepared to discuss why you believe your Student Athlete should be re-categorized and bring supporting documentation such as NSICL past race results, race results from outside the NSICL, or other like documentation.

If your Team Director/Head Coach supports you in this decision, they will fill out the NSICL Category Change Petition Form and attach/upload the supporting documentation necessary to help the Leagues decision to approve the change in placement.

Once a petition is reviewed, the decision will be communicated to the Team Director/Head Coach of the Student Athlete, or in the case of an Independent Rider the Parent will be notified by the League directly.

Please email if you have any questions regarding category placement.