You can help get #MoreKidsOnBikes

NSICL’s vision is to offer every kid in Southern Nevada the chance to learn, grow, challenge themselves, and be empowered by mountain biking.  We’re about inviting kids from every background into a community and a lifestyle where they can thrive.  Your support will help us develop our League and make that vision a reality.  Here are some examples of how we’re planning to do it:

  • GRiT (Girls Riding Together) is for the gals! Girls and women don’t always recognize that mountain biking is for them too.  These programs promote health, confidence, and self-esteem through skills clinics, camps, and all-female rides.  We also host girl-focused activities at our races.  
  • Teen Trail Corps educates and empowers young adults to be active leaders in trail advocacy, stewardship, and courteous/respectful use of trails.  TTC gives back to the community directly through trail work.
  • NICA Adventure is about fun without competition.  Guided trips, camps, and fun games help broaden student athletes’ horizons and develop character.
  • Our student athletes can access financial assistance if they have limited financial resources.
  • Coach development reduces financial barriers for coaches, meaning we can train more coaches and accommodate more student athletes.  
  • Reaching out into schools and community organizations to connect with more kids.  We’ll use targeted outreach into communities of color and lower income communities with the intent of building a richly diverse league.  
  • We’re pursuing grant opportunities to support our efforts to reach kids throughout Southern Nevada.
  • Working together with local government and mountain bike advocacy groups to promote new trail development in areas of Las Vegas and Southern Nevada that currently lack access.

Donate to get kids outside, being more active, challenging themselves, learning, growing, eating better, and developing respect for trails, other trail users, and the environment. 

Your donation will stay in the Nevada South League to help expand the programs and camps the NSICL offers to get #MoreKidsOnBikes.

Your donation helps create lifelong cyclists and encourages Southern Nevadan youth to make healthier eating choices, engage in more physical activity, spend more time outdoors, and develop a deeper appreciation and respect for the environment, our trails, and other trail users.

The league is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation, all donations are 100% tax deductible.

Help get #MoreKidsOnBikes by donating today. No donation is too small; every little bit helps and your donation is 100% tax deductible.